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Specializing in broadcast tower erection, fabrication and modification since 1979.

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H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. has completed thousands of tower projects throughout the United States, specializing in broadcast projects to include erection, fabrication, modification, maintenance, TV & radio antenna and transmission line installs and turnkey projects, to name a few, at all heights and in all types of terrain.

Services Offered

Tower erection, tower fabrication, turnkey projects, tower maintenance, tower demolition, tower modification and tower fabrication.


In March 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced The Spectrum Auction and Repack.  The FCC is authorized to repack the television band by assigning television stations to new channels. At the conclusion of the auction in March of 2017, the FCC announced that nearly 1,000 national television stations must move to new frequencies between the years of 2018-2020. H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. was named one of the few tower fabrication and erection companies with the resources and capabilities available to participate in all aspects of the mandatory repack process.

If you are in need of Services relating to the FCC Repack work or any Broadcast Tower Services, we encourage you to reach out to us and we will gladly discuss your project needs.

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