H.C. Jeffries Tower Co.

Making your seemingly impossible tower projects possible.

About Us
The H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. has been providing superior tower fabrication, tower erection and tower maintenance for the broadcast industry since 1979. We own a state-of-the-art tower manufacturing facility, spanning over 120,000 sqft., allowing us to control all tower fabrication projects from start to finish. Both, our facility and office, are located in Porter, Texas; 30 miles north of Houston.

H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. is equipped to erect towers and change out antennas by conventional methods utilizing our experience and our large inventory of hoists, gin poles and heavy erection equipment. We have performed more helicopter projects than anyone else in the industry, including TV antenna change outs, new installations, guyed and self supporting tower erection work. Often, these projects are more cost effective due to less off air time, remote mountain top locations or expensive rigging costs on tall towers. In addition, when clients have critical deadlines or down time due to antenna failure, our teams respond to these emergencies in a timely manner, day or night, in order to minimize loss of revenue by the client.

Successfully managing several towers and other structures since the mid-eighties, the H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. is familiar with the complexities and restrictions of coordinating multiple users of a single site. When problems arise, we are capable of immediately addressing the issues with the equipment, experience and professionalism demanded by our industry. Many other management companies do not have the capability, resources or experience to immediately address their clients' needs. We control the scheduling because we own the service company. No need to try to find a tower crew who is capable of professionally working on complex equipment issues in a tall tower environment. We service our client base.

In short, H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. has in house manufacturing, erection, management and maintenance to meet the needs of our clients. We are not going “outside” to multiple contractors while trying to maintain the high standards we promise our clients. We are not dependent on the fluctuations of the markets for our resources. We would like to show you how your broadcast needs will be served by working with the H.C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc.

Visit our plant, talk to our staff, talk to our clients and you will find out why H. C. Jeffries Tower Company, Inc. is your best investment when it comes to securing your broadcast tower needs.

In The Media
H.C. Jeffries Tower Co. Media Coverage
National Geographic Channel (2009)
Man Made - Aircrane: Extreme Helicopter
H.C. Jeffries Tower Co. are the main focus of this aircrane documentary as NGC film the tower crew erecting a 1400' tower in the Moapa, Nevada desert.
Discovery Channel (Canada) (2000)
Frontiers Of Construction "Working High"
Texas Co-op Power Magazine
Article: "The Fastest Tall Tower In Texas" April 2002, pages 22-23